Our work

We work since 1998 with children of first and second grades of elementary school in areas of the periphery of Lima, whose learning process is interfered with by social, economic, emotional and cognitive factors, or even of the educational system itself.

How do we do it?

We work on three fundamental axes in order to achive successful learning.

Through forty personalized sessions within the school year and using psychopedagogical recreational tools, we develop basic skills so that children can be ready and well prepared to learn all that is taught in class.

The program is adapted to the needs of each child, reinforcing the strengths and working of the areas of challenge. With this we also improve social skills and self esteem.

Through workshops and personalized coaching and follow up, we develop skills that are specific for parents of our program and we encourage active participation in a comprehensive education of their kids. We present parents with the necessary tools so they can become active participants in the integration of their kids to the school class.

Through workshops and group work, we develop skills for teachers in first and second grande in elementary school, thus helping to achieve our goal of moving the children in the program forward in their education.

Our methodology



Selection stage

At the begining of the school year, we take two evaluations to all the children in the first grade. Using the results from such tests, we select the group of children that do not exhibit the basic skills required to process and learn what is being taught in class.



Development stage

This is the stage of the program during which all activities are specifically planned and designed for the selected children. The objective is for the kids to develop basic skills for the learning process. Throughout two school terms, children receive psycho pedagogical sessions based on an entertaining methodology.



Finalizing stage

At the end of the school year we collect information regarding the progress in the areas worked on during our sessions. We organize exchanges with parents and teachers and – once again – we test the students. With the results of such tests we decide on the actions requiered for the following year. In the twenty years of experience of the program, practically all children have been able to make important progress.

These are the areas we work on during sessions with children



Oral language

Reading and writing

Concepts and numbers

Basic math operations

Problem solving